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Frost Buddy

Frost 8oz Sippin Buddy - Neon Purple

Frost 8oz Sippin Buddy - Neon Purple

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2-In-1 Function

With our 2-in-1 straw / sip lid, it’s perfect to teach the little ones how to sip while still having that luxury of a straw!

No More Spills

With our silicone bottom, the Sippin’ Buddy is much harder to tip over or toss off of a table preventing frequent messes!

Leak-Proof Lid

Need a leak-proof lid? Take the straw out and this bad boy is 100% leak-proof!

Keep It Cold…or Hot

With our double wall insulation, we guarantee to keep your little one’s drink cold 12+ hours and hot 6+ hours

Take It On The Go

The Sippin' Buddy is perfect for road trips since it is cup-holder friendly.

Safety First

We don’t need any hospital visits so that’s why our straw is a safe, flexible silicone.

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