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Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Captain's Quarters Gift Set

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Captain's Quarters Gift Set

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  • Big Ass Brick of Soap - Naval Diplomacy

    10 oz. - smells like Naval Diplomacy (refreshing ocean scent)

  • Cold Shower Cooling Towels

    3 individually wrapped towels, manufactured with menthol, aloe, and jojoba to provide a chilling blast as they cleanse and protect. The perfect way to cool down and recover.

  • Cannon Balm 140° Tactical Lip Protectant

    0.56 oz - blood orange mint flavor that's hard to lose and even harder to melt; the unique formulation with SPF 30 holds up in the harshest conditions, even withstanding temperatures approaching 140 degrees.

  • Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm

    1.4 oz. travel size- fragrance free, non-greasy balm that repairs cracked, dry hands

  • Standard Issue SPF 30 Face Lotion

    1.7 oz travel size bottle - SPF 30 provides daily sun defense without the sunscreen smell; provides superior hydration and reduces excess oil and shine.

  • Travel Bag

    Clear, reusable travel bag

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